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MLRun 0.6.3 Release

Check out the latest release of MLRun, with updates to the feature store, and more functionality from the UI.

  • Feature store updated:
    • Support for multiple ingestion engines: Pandas, Spark, Storey
    • Ingestion now supports filtering by date
    • Feature sets now include code usage examples
  • Model monitoring has been improved and now includes feature analysis and drift analysis information
  • A graph execution can be split to different paths.
  • Run a new job via the UI based on a previous job and change some of the parameters.
  • Jobs can now be aborted via the UI.
  • View the pods of running jobs as well as the details of each pod.
  • Job filtering now includes a filter by status and by the start time.
  • A feature vector can now be created via the UI

See the full release notes here