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MLRun 0.8 Release

MLRun v0.8 is now generally available. This release includes:

  • Projects now have members (users, user groups), thereby controlling access to view and manage the project. (Available with the Iguazio MLOps Platform 3.2) 
  • The new Settings dialog in the Projects page has two tabs: General, and Secrets, to manage general settings and project secrets.
  • The project secrets are automatically added to MLRun jobs and nuclio functions.
  • A feature set can now be created in the Project page of the UI. When creating a new function in the Projects page, you can now select the type of volume mount: auto, manual, none.
  • Access Keys are now specific to the data plane, the control plane, or both (Previously there was one type of access key).
  • Users can create a feature store that is based on Kafka as a source.